This universe is filled up with enormous things and the humans are the real soul of this universe. The process of thoughts and feelings lead humans to the greatest creatures of this planet. The poetry is the spontaneous flow of human nature. The journey of poetry could be divine or sometimes could be for love.

The Micro-Bubbles of Kisses 

The doorman checks our driver licenses. 
After many years of incarnating back to earth,
in a magic night with magic synchronicity
Old enough to drive and drink in a bar, we met.
You blow a bubble from the tobacco.
I blow a bubble from the tobacco.
You lower down you neck to look for my rosy cheekbone.

I lift up my face to follow a mysterious silent attraction.
We open eyes and right in front of the mirrors of our souls,

We close our eyes to bathe into the micro-bubbles of kisses. 

The past becomes remote, the future irrelevant.

We inhale and exhale silently,

The fragrance of the ecstatic present moment.

All the tension and pretension are completely released.

Like one million micro bubbles ascend and massage us,

Oh my love, this is our lover’s vows without words.

This is the scared silent song without sound.
This is what they call flowing amazing grace.
We become nothing and everything in shared hyperspace,
Staying long watching the sacred geometry fly in and out,
Above layers of wild-flower beds and its entangled aroma,

Below colorful clouds with rainbow spectrum and subtle hues.

We are ascended to almighty heaven by trance,
Returning back to the zero karma and trauma point.

We are healed by the microbubbles of love molecules,
Ever so gently merged by our sacred DNA.
In gratitude, in my lover’s body, mind and spirit,

Returning baby quality state, we are fully tumescent,

Like the two humans in Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss.”



Different eras, different directions
People are connected in the same form
Walking from darkness to dawn Love
like tides surging like the flowers withering
And now is our time
Our egg-white faces, our almond-shaped eyes,
Our sweet kisses in the long-lasting mornings.

Sleepy dreams are awakened by these long kisses.
Piles of fragrant roses hidden inside,
Cool and shady clouds, dancing flames
Earthy fragrance of the muddy dirt and scarlet sighs,
Entanglement of our tongues, intercourses of our teeth,
Heart colliding with heart,
Between the inception moments of
Being wild awaken and deep sleeping.


The future is an unimaginable painting.
Holding your hands is like holding to fate.
Brief silence affirms permanence.
We could have spent a lifetime peacefully,
without disturbing the people living in this world,
without betraying our ancestral traditions,
without turning the direction of our spines and faces.


The world has closed its door to us,
Leaving me and you to stand and face in the blind sound.
To get you,
must I lose the rest of the world?
Must I lose the right to stroke Mom’s grey hair?
Must I lose the blessed family generational golden ring?

Let us close this door towards the world,
not let the despairing reality and the king’s wedding
To interfere with the original and first love.


Now we are facing the initial desires,
Letting go of our restricted ego, letting open our chest.
Now only your tender love gazes at my face,
Only your hands slide down my hair in the dark night,
One thousand years have passed in your tender stroke.
The sun rises again in every new passing day.
The spider works diligently under the dust, sun,
and its intricate web.

Daily I walk to your hallway to listen to your singing Acura,
Watching the clouds floating around,
and the black and blue sea in the distance.
When the nights dwell with rain,
we are buried side by side into the big earth,
I dance on the tiptoe of your feet,
Paint magic paintings on all five sense organs of your face
Sowing the seeds of our passing stories into your heart,
shouting silently from my darkness to yours.

Between you and me, our sweating bodies
We embrace bouncing creek and swelling fruits.


In the running lava stream, the fire and rock encountered.
The cravings from the past is burned with today’s love.
My body is a round, smooth and mint-cool guitar,
your skillful playing made the bright yellowish music flow,
your breathing made it open and close,
like a San Pedro flower blossom the most magnificent fragrance and beauty overnight.
We are intoxicated in the music and breathing,
as in the past, enchanted in the dreams and sunshine,
In this narrow and small, dark and fragrant cloud.
Love is conceived inside of love,
sky inside of sky, earth inside of earth.


If future will awaken this dream, I reject the future.
If life wants to break this round mirror, I would rather die.
In the dream, you are the only reality that I am alive.
In waking, you are the witness of my dream scene.
In silence, we hold hands, eye wide open we watch
the luminous glory of the moon come through the door,
Stroking the brilliant birth of our future child,
to be born but who has never existed.
During the days when winter and summer shake hands,
In the deep where the sky and the earth kiss,
Take me away from this planet, away from the future.

In the process of chasing past events and autumn,
more and more approaching sorrow finally got hold of me
The fear of parting made me see,
Your hesitation, the imitation inside the hesitation,
My sadness, the sadness wrapped inside the sadness.


I heard a tidal sound in your heart,
Some of them coming in the dusk when we roamed together.
Slowly the tides that made us still and stiff,
made you pick up my face extremely gently this time,
to tell me that there are no past and future,
No other planets and unlimited long time,
The only thing we have is the love of love,
Unchangeable from the beginning,
that connected our dreams and souls,
until the sea dries until the stone becomes rotten.
The only thing I know is that your presence made me
extremely happy.
You made me laugh like a dove,
like the small elves dancing around you,
Like the colorful fantasy sometimes near and sometimes afar.


Holding hands our eyes wide open and witnessing,
the inspiration twinkles and flashes out and in,
thoughts flying in the air,
like the plum blossom falling down in the dark nights,
the faces of friends once with bright eyes and beautiful teeth,
Flash appearing among the twinkling and annihilating stars.
Suddenly I understand that story of the ancient time.
Suddenly I realize that before I get so tired and sad,
I must
with my limited hair, my lips, and eyes,
bring you into the unlimited old narratives and memories,
there I fight over your ancient customs thousands of times.
I have never been so shy and dignified.


We are like two pure shadows in this world,
destruction and escape help an on-time early re-birth.
It is said that there is an ancient place on the moon,
fresh air rushes like spring water, cloud blossoms like flowers,
there buried our first male and female ancestor.
Their graves are covered with the eternal moonlight,
for thousands of years, they loved each other like pure ghosts
Not need to worry about the past nor the future.


If my melancholy mood, if my smile,
if my posture standing on the earth,
and my stuttering expression and stupidity,
make you recall the ruins of Aranjuez,
take me away from this planet and this future.